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TeaTime Magazine Photo Shoot

To say I was excited was an understatement. By happenstance I attended a tea event at a local church and the esteemed Lorna Reeves, TeaTime Magazine Editor extraordinaire, was one of the main speakers of the event. After sampling amazing teas and eating a gluten free menu (which was amazing), Lorna shared the news her team was in need of shooting venues for the magazine. I could hardly contain myself. ((que internal screaming))

I sent an email with photos of my dining room and heard from the next day one of the stylists saying they needed a last minute venue after a cancellation. Of course you can come was my reply! I think I stayed up all night cleaning after the kids went to bed. HAH.

The stylist, photographer, and food stylist all came at around 8am to my home. It was truly special for me to see the creation of the New Years' Eve tea in my OWN HOME. I loved asking them questions about the process, the teas, the menu, and decor. The photographer had to create winter light in the middle of summer. Who would have thought of that?! Never did I ever think that would go into the photography of a tea shoot. Woah.

I really hated to see them all go at the end of the day. What fun to have your home dressed up in fine dishes and flowers. As an added bonus I got to keep the floral arrangements and some treats. ;) You can buy a copy here:

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