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Tea @ The Anvil Pub

My dear friend Jennifer and I were able to grab a reservation at the Anvil Pub in Birmingham, AL for afternoon tea. It's located in the Lee Branch Shopping Center near Oak Mountain. It was like taking a step into jolly ol'England for a lovely tea service. They had both an opening outdoor seating section but also an intimate and private space for the indoor event which is where we sat. They had printed menus with the course line up. This included a glass of bubbly, sandwich selection (Chicken salad, pimento cheese, ham & swiss with onion, fried fish), scone section followed (chocolate scone and blueberry scone complete with clotted cream and jam), and a three tiered tray of pastries (truffles, cookies, opera cake, macaroons + more). The waiters would serve you hot water in a beautiful tea cup and you could pick from an assortment of individual tea bags and add in your sugar cubes.

We even struck up a conversation with a nearby table. I had noticed the ladies table included a jadite green 2 plate tiered stand (y'all should know I am jadite obsessed). We chatted about London and their travels abroad to Spain and France. Interesting to note they found Spain a more enjoyable trip!

We saw tables of ladies, couples on dates, and mother/daughters enjoying this afternoon tea together. It was an afternoon well spent chatting about England, history, travel, and of course, tea.

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